RGS: Elite Raiders X

The smash-hit arcade game by Vambrace Software is back and better than ever, featuring new and exclusive features unique to RGS: Elite Raiders X!

This retro/classic style arcade game pits you against enemy ships and space stations - you'll need to be nimble and attack with precision to ensure you get out alive!

All the features from the classic RGS: Elite Raiders are there, revamped for modern systems and better than ever before.

  • Single or 2 Player modes (Desktop Only)
  • Play Classic Arcade or Onslaught Modes
  • Authentic 16-bit Sound
  • Retro Inspired Graphics
  • Simulated Interlacing that mimics the feeling of a true arcade experience
  • Touch / Joystick / mouse and Keyboard Support

Windows / Mac Boxed Copy
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