Coax-Advance X

A modern upgrade to run on newer devices!

The objective is to push and pull tiles into place across the game board to form rings or discs, however, tiles can only move in the direction they're facing - you'll need to utilize surrounding tiles to get the game field in the exact position you desire!

  • New themes, new music and new animations to enhance your experience!
  • Challenge your friends online with the worldwide leaderboard
  • Boast about your new high score with built-in social media tools!
  • Unlimited or Timed Matches (3, 5, 7, 15 Minutes)
  • Survival mode, which rewards you with extra time when you score

Windows 8 / RT (x86 / x64 / ARM)
Windows 10 Devices (x86 / x64 / ARM)
Windows / Mac Boxed Copy
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